WOUNDS Concert Review @ The Cobra Lounge December 5, 2014

Wounds Die Young album cover

Walking into the Cobra Lounge had such a rock and roll feel. It was more on the fancy side of a typical rock and roll bar to begin with.  A great menu for drinks and food all together but we all came to see Dublin’s very own Wounds to perform live am I right?

Wounds just came out, last week on November 25th, with their debut album “Die Young” which was released from Razor and Tie Records.  They have been touring in the states since September of 2014 supporting Riot Fest’s, touring with Finch and now about to begin supporting HIM and Motionless in White tour. Their music paints unique portraits so to speak. From vocalist Aidan Coogan’s dark and mysterious lyrics to the grungy and punk guitar playing from his brother James Coogan they created a dynamic sound of power. They have many various elements with their music. If you put Iggy and the Stooges with a blend of Minor Threat you would get Wounds. I would also say if Iggy Pop and Jim Morrison had a kid it would be Aidan Coogan. The drummer Craig McGrath gives a perfect back bone beat with each electrifying riff. The bassist Steve Lucarelli plays one of the most dirtiest bass tones ever resembling an earlier Sonic Youth charm. I highly recommend going to see these guys when they come to your town. They are very up and coming but in a few years they will be taking over the states and headlining their own acts.


The time was just past ten pm and the lights turned dim. You can hear the quiet tone off the first track of the record “War In The Sun” beginning with Aidan’s dramatic vocals. He stands right in the audience with the mic stand and begins to scream once the song picks up with the powerful chorus line. From then on the show builds up speed as if you were going 85 on a 55 highway to highway. Jamming out “Killing Spree” and “No Future” really put the audience in it’s place. Wounds consists of casting a spell on you with every sound colliding through the speakers. Aidan knows how to get the crowd involved and wakes up every ear lobe in the room. Finally, ending with their most critically acclaimed single “Dead Dead Fucking Dead” you can sing that chorus line right a way even if you have never heard the song before. Very catchy yet smooth like icing on a cake. Passing the mic to some fans including myself screaming “Dead Dead Fucking Dead” puts you at ease with a beautiful scream. All and all Wounds have nothing to prove other than that they are the new kings of Rock and Roll. From mosh pitting to dancing and a form of sexual healing Wounds covers it all.

Go find Wounds on their Facebook, their Website and check out Razor and Tie Records! If you haven’t seen our interview with Aidan from Riot Fest Chicago 2014, press play!

WWJ's with WOUNDS full shot with the band

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