The Toadies @ The Cabaret Metro in Chicago, IL. April 12, 2014


The Toadies played the full set of their album “Rubberneck” in celebration of the 20th anniversary reunion this year. Remember that song, “Possom Kingdom”? It was huge back in 1994 when this album was released. They toured back in the day which such acts as Butthole Surfers, 7 Year Bitch and much more. They have continued to produce music over the years with many more releases, such as, “Hell below/Stars Above” and “No Deliverance”. These records did not have the same record sales as “Rubberneck” but these Fort Worth, TX rockers kept in the underground.

We walked into the show as SuperSuckers were preforming. A cowboy fitted lead singer covered with leather, these “Sons of Anarchy” looking fellows kept the crowd entertained with some thrash/rock tunes that blew out heavily through the speakers. It’s always a plus when a opening band can entertain thoroughly while people guzzle down cups of Jack Daniels or whatever other beverage you prefer. These guys sounded like Motorhead with a splash of Social Distortion. They had the punk rock attitude yet the lead singer was trying to be a comedian telling the crowd to meet him by the merchandise booth after the show to pick up their latest album “Get the Hell”. After the third time he suggested we give him our cash his comedy became less funny. We got the point man! If people like your band they will meet you there, but you don’t have to keep on trying to plug people over and over because you can hardly make a buck at a show. Other than that, I found SuperSuckers to be a bad ass band. Let the night proceed…

The Toadies walked on the stage as if they were walking out in a aisle at a wedding ceremony. Perhaps not as fancy but they went straight to their stage positions and jumped on the instruments in a flash. Starting out with “Mexican Hairless” from the first track off of “Rubberneck” it brought back some early grade school memories when I was first becoming a fan of all music in general. The lead singer, Vaden Todd Lewis, has that scratchy urban grunge voice that will always be legendary in it’s own depth. They were a part of the early grunge scene along side with Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Silverchair, The Pixies and more but their establishment was not as large. Furthermore, they rocked the entire “Rubberneck” album within just over an hour. The southern rock feeling song, “I Come from the Water” was greeted with chants from the audience which really brought “old school” Toadies fans together. The last track, “I Burn” was the one song I greatly anticipated during this entire performance. It’s a very dark yet beautiful track off of the record. Two other stage-hand members came on in the song with huge tom drums and started to play along at the end of the last chorus. This performance sparked some chills within the audience. After the entire performance of “Rubberneck” they started out with other songs that I never really knew since “Rubberneck” was the only album I was fond of. We stayed for a few more songs but nothing too impressive by ear. All and all it was great to see one of my favorite 90′s band that can still jam some old tunes without a loss in sound. Go check out more of the tour @ with their latest dates and more.

-Review by Ian Wheeler (Wheeler’s Weekend Jams)

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