The Babadook: Wheelers Weekend Jams Review



“A rumbling sound then three sharp knocks. Ba-ba Dook! Dook! Dook! That’s when you’ll know that he’s around…” Jennifer Kent’s deeply disturbing and chilling feature is a chance to extend the horror genre with uniquely and terrifying sequences in this latest release. Combining other classic films such as “Wolf Creek” and “Rogue” from Australia, this one sticks to the dark imagination and ghostly tales from the beyond. The psychological mind frame from good to evil will always make us think how a nightmare can become real. The darkness. The unknown. The Babadook will grab your attention besides the hairs standing up on the back of your neck.

Essie Davis stars as a single mom Amelia, who is haunted by her husband’s death in a car wreck when she was pregnant with young son Samuel, played by Noah Wiseman. Six years have passed and the life between Amelia and troubled son Samuel only become hysterical and verbally abusive. Lack of sleep completely unfolds every situation in the household. One night, Amelia reads Samuel a random book on the shelf that’s named “Mister Babadook”. The drawings inside the book look as if Tim Burton helped on the artistic craft from the lay out. The tall hat, dark ringed eyes and claws show Mister Babadook may work for the devil or even pals with “The Joker” from Batman. This was only the beginning with their troubles. As the film progresses the anxiety between each character grows into a deeper threshold of insanity. Adding a touch from “The Shining” to even “In the Mouth of Madness” the realism is perfection.

Since director William Friedkin (The Exorcist) and author Stephen King recommended this movie why not watch it? I gave it a chance and it gave me no comfort at all which means it did its job. In my opinion, one of the best horror flicks of the year. Give it a try and make sure to turn off the lights when you watch it. Check out the trailer down below.








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