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It’s a lovely Sunday afternoon and as I drink my warm coffee I pop in Coral Thief’s new album “Colorado Roots” which just dropped on December 16th, 2014. Picture yourself looking over the Rocky Mountains through the clouds and across the forest. Lighting the largest spliff imagined and taking the journey to Coral Thief land. This is only the beginning my friends.

These Denver, Colorado natives have brightened their reggae rock qualities into a vast positive emotion through the tides of politics and the legalization of marijuana. With the funky hip-hop beat opening track “Words I Say” really grabs you into a skank jumping funk creation with soul and lyrics that can only make you smile. I believe these guys really put the reggae sound into a more unique and divine main streamed originality.  Giving the “positive vibe merchant” a chance to dance if you get my drift? Coming through all different backgrounds into the music scene this five piece duo really play the rhythms smoothly and even break down into salsa, dance hall and rock formatted progressions. The song “Mr. Driggs” gives you a lighter holding feeling. “You take some pills you know to kill the pain…” as the vocals bring a dramatic set-up and then swallowing you into a vortex with this beautiful and engaging guitar solo. You are hoping the best for Mr. Driggs. Even through some darkness within the lyrics there is always a positive outlook in the end with these guys. Engaging, rhythmic and tasty, Coral Thief’s new album is highly recommended.

David Baty’s vocals have a raspy and very soulful tone as if he could sing along with The Aggrolites without missing a note. Chris Howell’s guitar solo’s are quite exquisite coming from a grunge background and bringing in the Hendrix-esqe qualities. Troy Hite’s percussion, keyboard and sax playing are truly surrounding the sounds within each track composing the power of his instrumental creative flow.  Daren Morales bass playing really drops into a melodic funk driving machine “base”. Mark Leblanc’s crisp solid snare hitting and funk drumming is precise without a doubt. Check these guys out when they come to your town or city. This solid and formatted band will definitely be taking a path into the high roads.

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